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Planum News 05.2013 </br> Journal 'Planning Design Technology' no.2 CALL FOR ARTICLES

30 May 2013

Planning | Design | Technology Journal

DEADLINE | 30.06.2013
Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza
DATA | Dipartimento di Pianificazione, Design e Tecnologia dell'Architettura 

The question that opens the second issue of the Cahiers of the Department of Architectural Planning, Design, and Technology is: Can the “smart” object, building, and city be – and on what conditions – tools that help people to live more “intelligently”? 

The issue thus aims to deal with and offer a critical discussion of the subject through three main perspectives - smart object, smart building, smart city - with a “transverse” view of and attention to the parties (societies, communities, and individuals we might call “smart people”) targeted by this idea, who use it and consume it, and who are the only ones who can actually achieve it. 

Overview Section | 6 invited authors
Practices Section 6 selected papers with blind peer review
Focus Section | 4 invited academic authors
Review Section | Report sheets about works of Department 

Column 'Practices' (Blind Peer Review)    
For more information please check the files in download

Focusing on the “smart” phenomenon, a scientific report is requested on a planning, research, design, production, and consumption activity concerning:
cities and territories and their management and use;
• specific “smart” technologies (and/or materials) which enable new processes or trigger new consumption scenarios;
• the system of objects which, from the human body up to the city, become the facilitators of the technologies themselves, becoming their medium for users (human-machine interfaces)
• the social, cultural, and economic practices determined by and/or based on the exploitation of “smart” technologies; 

Editorial rules
• Each paper will be published in its original language (Italian, English); if written in Italian, an abstract by the author in English is required;.
The texts must be of the length indicated for each Section with a tolerance margin of just 1,500 characters above or below. Different lengths will make the paper subject to editing intervention;
Images (a maximum of 6 per article) may be provided by the author in a size suitable for printing (300dpi base, 10 cm minimum), and whether or not they will be published will be decided by the Editorial Board.
Both the papers and the abstracts must be drafted in the manner of scientific essays, and therefore must include a bibliography and references (in accordance with APA standards), include 5 keywords, and show the name(s) of the author(s), specifying their role, institution, and e-mail address. 

30.06.2013 |  Deadline for turning in the papers
15.07.2013 |  Announcement of 6 selected papers    

DirectorTonino Paris

Editorial Board
• Pierpaolo Balbo
• Andrea Branzi
• Roberto Cassetti
• Luciano Cupelloni
• Thomas Herzog
• Federica Dal Falco
• Livio De Santoli
• Salvatore Dierna
• José Maria Ezquiaga
• Paola Falini
• Francesco Karrer
• Stefano Marzano
• Yannis Tsiomis

Comitato Editoriale
• Loredana Di Lucchio
• Giacinto Donvito
• Francesca Giofrè
• Carmen Mariano
• Barbara Pizzo
• Fabrizio Tucci