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Examples of the best … in urban areas

HOME/LIFE121 - Homeless World Foundation
Budapest, Nairobi, Cairo, Jakarta, Johannesburg, Moscow, New Deli, New York, Paramaribo, Paris, Rotterdam.
Children in 11 cities from all continents were given a camera, rolls of film and a photography workshop. They set out to capture their daily life, or rather, their struggle for survival.

Imagine Identity and Culture
Amsterdam, Netherlands
"Imagine Identity and Culture" is the first cultural organization in the Netherlands to highlight the culture and identity of migrants as seen from their own perspective. Imagine IC invites people to describe their history and culture by means of various activities. It then uses these stories to create exhibitions, audio-visual programs and digital productions for both newcomers and residents.

Nairobi - Quenya
NairoBits is a mixed group of artists, designers, whizz kids, media workers and youth teams set up in 1999 to create a media channel for youth from the slums of Nairobi. These groups work together via internet and are based in Nairobi and Amsterdam. The project started in January 2000 and is still growing. The 20 youth have progressed from being absolute beginners to leaders of a small web company making web sites for local organisations and training fellow youth. Facilitating them is a group of international volunteers.

SIDAREC - Slums Information Development and Resource Centers
Nairobi - Kenia
The primary goal of the project are: to Reduce poverty by initiating income generating activities for both young men and women as well as developing a credit scheme in-order to restore their self-esteem and live an honest life free from crime and prostitution for economic gains; to identify resourceful youths in the slums who could avail and disseminate this basic information among their peers and other community members; to establish a community resource center within the target slums for easier accessibility of this information and also to allow unlimited interaction among the youth while planning and carrying out their activities; to sensitize the communities on the importance of being changers of their own environment through community initiatives.