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Biennal Barcelona 2003

Connecting the city : connecting citizens. The fifth Biennial of Towns and Town Planners

The Fifth Biennial of Towns and Town Planners in Europe was in Barcelona in April 10,11 and 12, 2003, with the theme: Connecting the city : connecting citizens.

General theme and sub-themes
The biennial will explore the spatial impacts of transportation and other networks supplying resources such as information, materials or energy and the challenges they create for spatial planning.
The themes will be explored and further developed on the different workshops that will be held during the event:
1. European level: connecting cities in a polycentric Europe
2. Regional level: connecting the cities in the Region
3. City level: connecting social groups and districts
4. Street level: connecting citizens.
Article and papers to introduce the themes are avilable at

The goal of the Fifth Biennial of "Town and town planners", promoted by the European Council of Town Planners (ECTP), is bringing together urban planners and designers, sociologists, historians (of architecture), politicians and other professionals to discuss the issues and share information and lessons learned. We need to know how urban planners and designers throughout Europe deal with changes in the cultural and technological environments. The Biennial aims to launch a European debate on how urban designers and planners can help create sustainable cities.
The goal of the biennial is to assemble urban planners, engineers, architects, economists, sociologists, and elected people, as well as public, private and non governmental organizations (NGO) with the objective to share questions, experiences and alternative answers

Programme and brochure

The keynote speakers were Manuel Castells (“Cities and Urbanism in the Network Society"), Stephen Graham
(“The Threat of the Splintering
Metropolis and the Challenge of the
Connected City”), Nikos Salingaros
(“Connecting the Fractal City"), Bernardo Secchi (“Scenarios for the European City and Territory”).

The official brochure reports the introduction to the biennial, the four workshops' presentations, and some general information.