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Results for tag Environment

[article] Biennal Lyon 1995 created Aug 14, 2010
[article] Genova: River basin management plans and integrated urban and territorial planning: common language, eco-technical rules and environment projects for fluvial parks and watercourse systems created Aug 19, 2010
[article] Joseph Beuys + Italy / The Defense of Nature created Nov 3, 2010
[article] Forest expansion in mountain ecosystems: "environmentalist's dream" or societal nightmare? - Presentation created Nov 3, 2010
[article] Auto Nation: Re-Thinking the Future of the Car created Nov 4, 2010
[article] International Best Practices and Innovation -- Strategically Harvesting Environmental Lessons from Abroad created Nov 4, 2010
[article] Atelier 11 |
Progettare Green Cities.
Una Prospettiva Europea
created Jan 15, 2015
[article] 13 | Unfinished Italy
beyond interruption
created Nov 29, 2013
[article] 13 | Unfinished Italy
oltre l'interruzione (italian version)
created Nov 29, 2013
[article] Cultural Heritage: Lucca (Italy) created Aug 17, 2010
Paesaggi dell’archeologia invisibile.
Il caso del distretto Portuense
created Jan 19, 2015
[article] Street Life: Cosenza (Italy) created Aug 18, 2010
[event] Mediation
in Environmental Conflicts Management.
New frontiers International Workshop
created Nov 15, 2011
[event] CALL FOR PAPERS">7th Conference of the Academic Network "Espace Rural & Projet Spatial" | ENERGY TRANSITION AND CONTEMPORARY RURALITIES Architectural and large-scale issues/project strategies
created Apr 9, 2015
[event] International Conference
created Apr 16, 2015