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30 August 2005 – 30 September 2005

RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2006

[i][b]RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2006[/b][/i] [i]'Global social justice and environmental sustainability'[/i] 30 August - 1st September 2006 at the Royal Geographical Society with IBG, London In 2006 the RGS-IBG Annual International Conference will be hosted by the Society in Kensington Gore, London 30 August - 1 September. This location provides greater opportunity to engage practitioners and policy makers with research agendas. The Society’s 25 Research Groups will continue to provide the intellectual core of the conference. It will be centrally organised by the Research Division staff of the RGS-IBG. Parallel sessions will take place in Imperial College. [i]Theme[/i] Global social justice and environmental sustainability. Chair: Linda McDowell, University of Oxford [i]Registration[/i] Registration will open at the beginning of 2006 The early registration deadline is 5 May 2006 [i]Call for sessions[/i] If you would like to submit a proposal for a Research Group sponsored session or non-Research Group session please complete the Session Proforma The deadline for session proposals is 16 December 2005 The RGS-IBG encourage a call for sessions for the following types of papers/abstracts/submissions for any of the listed areas: Research papers - Completed papers Abstracts of completed or proposed research Student papers - research by students Poster sessions (informal presentations) Work in progress reports - proposals for future projects Panel discussions Practitioner forums Each Research Group can submit proposals for up to three sessions. Additionally you can submit a proposal for up to two joint sessions. (e.g. joint with another research group or joint with the postgraduate community). We also invite submissions for proposals for one session from individuals or groups of individuals within the community who can provide good justification for their session. Sessions can be convened in various ways. We are encouraging the use of 20 minute blocks to allow delegates to transfer sessions should they so wish. This means that six papers could be presented within one session. Panel discussions are also welcomed. Whatever the structure of the session, the convenor must make their intentions clear with the RGS-IBG from the outset. [b][i]CPF-IBG: Rescaling the Political Economy of Social Justice/Injustice[/i][/b] Rescaling the Political Economy of Social Justice/Injustice: the Urbanisation and Regionalisation of inclusion/exclusion. A paper session co-sponsored by the Economic Geography Research Group and the Political Geography Research Group of the RGS-IBG. Recent literature in urban and regional development theory and research is largely dominated by concerns about agglomeration economies, learning regions and the geographies of inter-space competition. Urban and regional economic development strategies aim at imaging and producing places that are first and foremost attractive sites for capital accumulation. In this sense, there exists a large body of research and theory looking at the development impact of rescaling economic governance mechanisms to the urban and regional level. On the other hand, most of the literature on local social justice is focused on processes of gentrification and on the privatisation of public space and its exclusionary character at the neighbourhood scale. Yet, there is little research available that actually looks at the rescaling of social justice/injustice at the urban and regional level. This session aims to look at urban and regional development strategies and the economic imageries informing them from a social justice, rather than from a competitiveness perspective. The session hopes to contribute to our understanding of how certain actors' actions and the imageries that inform their actions aim at rescaling development strategies to the urban and regional level in an attempt to produce new scales of political intervention on which they have stronger capacities to act. We invite papers that analyse how regional and urban development strategies and the associated imageries work to include certain social groups and social interests while excluding and marginalising others. Paper proposals in the form of a 200 word abstract, using the IBG form (, should be submitted to the convenors by 15th January 2006. Please also submit your abstract[][/url] [i]Session convenors:[/i] Stijn Oosterlynck (Lancaster University) [][/url] Ramon Ribera-Fumaz (Lancaster University) [][/url] Further information:

Event schedule:

  • Start: 08-30-2005
  • End: 09-30-2005.