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[article] Ecoscape: Introduction created Sep 23, 2010
[article] Beyond the error created Sep 23, 2010
[article] New Perspectives for our landscape created Sep 23, 2010
[article] Firenze: Guide plan for the formulation of the landscape programmes provided for the 'Piano Territoriale di Coordinamento' of the Province of Florence created Aug 19, 2010
[article] Project for sensitive territories and resources created Sep 24, 2010
[article] Siena: Territorial Plan of Coordination created Aug 22, 2010
[article] A window on: Marseille created Jun 1, 2012
Ideas, Planning, Design
created Oct 6, 2017
[article] Forest expansion in mountain ecosystems: "environmentalist's dream" or societal nightmare? - Presentation created Nov 3, 2010
Una crisi di civiltà
created Oct 3, 2017
[article] Sustainable Mountain Development and the key - issue of Abandonment of Marginal Rural Areas created Nov 3, 2010
Hanoi 2050, Trilogia di un paesaggio Asiatico created Dec 12, 2014
Paesaggi dell’archeologia invisibile.
Il caso del distretto Portuense
created Jan 19, 2015
[article] 13 | Unfinished Italy
beyond interruption
created Nov 29, 2013
[article] 13 | Unfinished Italy
oltre l'interruzione (italian version)
created Nov 29, 2013
[article] Getting to the Root of the Crisis of Urbanity.
The Debate on Urban Open Spaces
in the IFHTP Congresses
between the two Wars
created Apr 27, 2012
Rinascimento, Rivelazione, Resilienza
19th International Scientific Conference
created Mar 26, 2015