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Cidade, Cidadania e Segregação urbana

by Luiz Cesar de Queiroz Ribeiro

Social order is associated to human rights connected to the natural ones, these are strictly connected to the human condition. Rights to have complete freedom, rights of ownership, rights of social security, rigths of resisting to oppression.
The words city, citizen, citizenship have historically been determining a common feeling.
We can identify three steps of this evolution.
Firstly, in the classical antiquity, citizenship is the condition owning to the civitas: human beings leaving in urban conglomerations rule the relationship following common rights and duties.
Secondly, from civitas to polis, in other words, every one has the rigt of participating in determining the public interest issues.
Thirdly, the word citizenship assumes the meaning of "discovery of the social dimension" (K.Polanyi).