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Results for tag urban policies

[article] The Biennial of Towns and Towns Planners: Institution and Process created Aug 14, 2010
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[article] A Successful Approach to Urban Upgrading created Oct 4, 2010
[article] Urban Practices, Policy Tools, and the Poverty of Planning Theory created Oct 5, 2010
[article] Città, Popolazioni, Politiche. Una lettura del libro di Gabriele Pasqui per un diverso approccio al progetto urbanistico created Oct 26, 2010
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[article] Housing policies in Latin-American, Uruguay experience created Nov 3, 2010
[article] Atelier 10 |
Mobilità e Mutazione di Idee e Politiche in una Prospettiva Trans-nazionale
created Jan 15, 2015
[article] 19 | The political role of space and practices: the case study of Moscow |
Il ruolo politico dello spazio e delle pratiche: il caso studio di Mosca
created Oct 12, 2014
[article] 20 | L'insegnamento dell'urbanistica in Italia. Ricucire lo strappo e …andare oltre created Nov 27, 2014
[article] Street Life: Groningen (The Netherlands) created Aug 18, 2010